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8 Anti-inflammatory Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

Chronic inflammation is a serious condition that can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. This condition is characterized by excess water weight, an inconsistent metabolism and false hunger pains due to insulin resistance. This makes it very hard to regulate your weight because you can't burn calories properly or stick with a diet plan. Luckily, there is a way to combat this problem: there are certain foods that are proven to lower inflammation, thereby helping you to shed excess pounds. Here are 8 anti-inflammatory foods that will help you lose weight:




Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, like Salmon, are great at helping to reduce inflammation on 2 levels. First, these types of food promote the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, which are responsible for controlling your body's level of inflammation. Secondly, Salmon and other fatty fishes help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, causing inflammation to decrease even more. This makes Salmon a great food at fighting and reducing inflammation significantly, as it aids with digestion and excess water weight.


Green Tea


Green tea has a lot of health benefits and reducing inflammation is one of them. Studies show that because it has high flavonoid content it is very effective at reducing joint inflammation when taken regularly. It also aids in digestion, regulating your metabolism and cutting down on water retention thanks to its diuretic properties.


Whole Grains


In addition for containing healthier carbohydrates, which help you slim down, whole grains have been proven to help fight inflammation. Various studies have been conducted and they show that adding whole grains to your diet, like oats, barley or brown rice, had lower levels of C-reactive proteins by as much as 38%. This contributes to lower levels of inflammation because it helps regulate hunger and increase your metabolism.      


If you don't enjoy fish, or are allergic to it, you can add flaxseeds to your diet instead. Flaxseeds are nature’s natural inflammation fighters as they contain the highest levels of omega-3's that are found in plants. Add them to a meal to reduce false hunger pains and keep your metabolism working at an even keel.




These little gems are known for the health benefits, as they are high in ant-oxidants, which help to purify your system. This contributes to shedding extra water weight and eliminating toxins, so your system is clean and runs more efficiently. This translates to fewer free radicals, which automatically reduces your body's level of inflammation. They also have a high level of bioflavonoids, which aids in reducing inflammation in your joints and muscles as well, making them a great addition to your eating plan.




This food works in a variety of ways to combat inflammation. Edamame contains both omega-3 and isoflavones. This combination lowers C-reactive proteins in your body, drastically easing inflammation and improving your strength. Edamame can keep hunger at bay as well, so make them an art of your everyday diet.


Tart Cherries


These are the super food of fighting inflammation, as they are known to have the highest levels of anti-inflammatory properties of any food according to a report from Oregon's Health and Science University. Turns out Tart cherries are full of anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that is just as effective as some pain medications at lowering inflammation. Eating these cherries will alleviate inflammation naturally, so you won't retain water or suffer from a sluggish metabolism.




This Indian spice does more than just add flavor to foods: according to researchers it also fights inflammation, helping you to lose weight. Curry derives its yellow color from the ingredient turmeric, which is also high in bioflavonoids. In addition to containing bioflavonoids to lower inflammation turmeric is also shown to suppress NF-kappa B, and protein that is known to cause inflammation.


These foods can all be found in nature, making them a safe choice to fight inflammation and lower weight naturally. Eating these foods will help you get on a health track to eating, looking and feeling your best. As always, you should sit down with your physician to discuss the benefits of any health program you want to start or which are the weight loss supplements you should try, as he or she is familiar with your medical history.

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