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5 Things You Should Know if You Are Trying to Loose Weight

If I’m thin then I’m healthy, right? Wrong. There are several misconceptions people have about weight, losing it and what’s healthy. Here’s the low-down on some myths we’re better off busting.


1) Starving is not very healthy and it never helps, because you will lose a lot of weight when you first start, but it can cause a lot of health problems, and yes you will probably gain more weight when you start to eat normally again. But sometimes it can give you motivation to loose weight if you starve just a bit, but not too much. The best way to do it though is do what the writer above said which is to eat healthy and exercise.


Kick Start your weight loss by first keeping an accurate tab on it with a Digital Weighing Scale.


2) Avoid Taking Slimming Pills: These persons who take slimming pills think that they have total control over their actions and they will stick to the recommended dosage.  The common side effects are sudden bowel movement, oily stools, and repeated bowel movements. There are also complaints of losing control over bowel movement by many people.



3) Carbohydrates do not make put you on weight: Well we need to understand that foods are made up of 3 macronutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In terms of energy density, 1 gram of carbohydrate has 16kJ, which is the same as protein. 1 gram of fat on the other hand has 37kJ. So, carbohydrates are no more energy dense than protein, and are less energy dense than fat.


4) Skipping Meal is Never Healthy: Skipping meals is often seen as an attractive way to lose weight. Unfortunately, the side affects of skipping meals are much more serious than any potential benefits.  Some of the major side effects are drop on your blood sugar, Inadequate Nutrition and Altered Metabolism.


Holidays are dominated by eating out. However, watch the portion size of what you are eating to avoid weight gain.  Well this Digital Weighing Scale will help you keep regular tabs on your weight!



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