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Acupuncture Weight-loss Secrets Revealed  | 
Acupuncture fat burning is a new industry in a manner. Although acupuncture itself is ancient, it does not have a long history of being used for weight control functions. Just modern-day living has brought weight problems to a level that has seen both medical practitioners and also people looking for a remedy for weight loss. Thus, the birth of acupuncture weight-loss research.  

How serious is Weight Gain during Menopause?
According the researchers, weight gain may become a serious issue regarding the status of your health and increasing risk factors for potentially dangerous illnesses. While many women pack on a few extra pounds and seem to suffer few consequences, there are others who experience health complications that may have been lessened or avoided by managing weight gain during menopause.   Does menopause cause weight gain?  

8 Anti-inflammatory Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight
Chronic inflammation is a serious condition that can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. This condition is characterized by excess water weight, an inconsistent metabolism and false hunger pains due to insulin resistance. This makes it very hard to regulate your weight because you can't burn calories properly or stick with a diet plan. Luckily, there is a way to combat this problem: there are certain foods that are proven to lower inflammation, thereby helping you to shed excess pounds. Here are 8 anti-inflammatory foods that will help you lose weight:  

Little Details That Count and Go A Long Way
Most of us tend to overlook little things in our day-to-day life that could play a huge impact on our health and fitness levels. These little things are generally the small, mundane things that have become part and parcel of our lives that we almost tend to do it like clockwork without thinking how it can impact our well-being. Let us look at some of the important, minute details that can potentially impact our health.   Cutting back on night-time sleep  | 
If I’m thin then I’m healthy, right? Wrong. There are several misconceptions people have about weight, losing it and what’s healthy. Here’s the low-down on some myths we’re better off busting.  

Seasonal Affective Disorder Sufferers Misreport Sleep Patterns Due to Depression
Washington, June 28 (ANI): Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have revealed that individuals with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)-a winter depression that leads to loss of motivation and interest in daily activities-have misconceptions about their sleep habits similar to those of insomniacs.   These findings open the door for treating seasonal affective disorder similar to the way doctors treat insomnia.  

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