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Say Cheers to Good Health with Tulsi Green Teas

There is a growing market for green tea in general and flavored tea in particular among the Indian tea consumers. Two of the most popular flavored varieties include the tulsi green tea and the Kashmiri Kahwa tea. These beverages are consumed not just for their taste and aroma, but also for the immense health benefits that these products bring along.


Green tea in India has remained mostly as a medicinal drink over the years and was never a popular beverage. But, of late, it gaining acceptance as a healthier alternative to the ubiquitous milk based ‘chai’ that we are usually accustomed to.


 Let us look into two of the most popular varieties- the Tulsi Green Tea and the Kashmiri Kahwa Tea.


Tulsi Green Tea: One of the most unique drinks, Tulsi green tea offers great health benefits to the consumer. Tulsi green tea blends the healing qualities of the green tea leaf, which is a powerful anti-oxidant and Tulsi, the wonder herb well-known for its medicinal properties. Let us look into the health benefits of consuming this wonder beverage-


1.    Flushes out toxins and rejuvenate your body

2.    Accelerates the metabolism and prevents weight gain

3.    This rich antioxidant drink helps in fighting cancer and skin diseases

4.    Enhances immunity, improves your stamina and protects from common cold and fever

5.    Ability to improve respiratory functions


Availability: The best place to buy tulsi green tea is online, as there are numerous varieties out there in the online world, which may not be available in your local kirana store. There are numerous benefits of buying tulsi green tea online, the most prominent among them being the non-availability or lack of options in the neighborhood stores. The hypermarkets may be an exception, but the online world offers wider options, where the consumer can check for the price and quality and then make the purchase decision. Hence it makes more sense to buy tulsi green tea online.


Kashmiri Kahwa Tea: The Kashmiri Kahwa tea has been a traditional drink of the people of Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan as well as the Kashmir valley in India. But it has not been long back that this tea came out of Kashmir to the rest of India to become a preferred beverage among the tea drinkers. The Kashmiri Kahwa tea is known for its aroma, taste and medicinal values. The ingredients include saffron strands, clove, cinnamon bark, cardamom and Kashmiri rose blended with the green tea leaves. The health benefits include-


1.    A perfect winter drink- though it can be consumed the year round, the warmth providing nature of this tea makes it more beneficial during winter

2.    Aids in digestion and increasing the metabolism

3.    Cures minor flue and fights chest congestion


Availability: The online market is the place to search for the best Kashmiri Kahwa Tea where there are plenty of options to choose from. Since this product has gained a lot of popularity, you may also be able to find it in the supermarkets, but the options will be limited. Also, online options come with the certificate of quality which you can rely upon.

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