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Healthy Food That Gives Filling Of Fullness May Limit Overall Consumption

A new study has found that healthy snacks that promote a feeling of fullness (satiety) may reduce the amount of food intake at subsequent meals and limit overall food consumption.


"Appetite control is an area of weight management that is receiving increased attention as the food industry aims to provide consumers with foods that will keep them fuller for longer, reducing inter-meal hunger and overall energy intake," Roberta Re, Ph.D., nutrition research manager at Leatherhead Food Research in Surrey, England said.


While the amount, frequency and types of snacks consumed in the US and throughout the world continues to contribute to the obesity epidemic, some snacks, such as peanuts, nuts and other high-fiber snacks, may limit overall daily food consumption.


Re referenced a study in which participants who regularly consumed almonds as a mid-morning snack reported increased feelings of satiety "resulting in a reduced energy intake at lunch and dinner with no increase in overall" calorie intake.


In another study, participants' overall daily intake was lowered after they received a regular portion of cereal as a snack each day for six weeks. Buy almonds online in India at Lowest Price and Cash on Delivery from Rediff Shopping. Gift dryfruits online and compare almonds features and specifications! (ANI)

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