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When And How To Eat Fruits To Get The Maxium Benefit
Only that they are good for health and burn calories is not enough. If you want to get the optimum benefits of eating fruits, you should be aware of certain rules. When to eat them and what to eat along with them are some of the obvious questions which are likely to come into your mind. Yes, there are fruits that burn fat and there are certain fruits which make you gain weight. Let us have a quick look at the rules to follow.  

Tulsi Green Tea
There is a growing market for green tea in general and flavored tea in particular among the Indian tea consumers. Two of the most popular flavored varieties include the tulsi green tea and the Kashmiri Kahwa tea. These beverages are consumed not just for their taste and aroma, but also for the immense health benefits that these products bring along.  

  Coconut water and oil can be classified as ‘super foods’ due to the diverse nature of its health benefits. It has a unique composition of fatty acids that are known to have a lot health benefits to the consumers Coconuts benefits can be classified water and oils benefits that contribute significantly to improvement of the human body. 

Diwali is just a week away and I am sure most of you would be busy preparing various Diwali Sweets and Snacks to distribute among family and friends. Check out here few snacks which you all must for... 1. Shakarpara: This is most comon snack which you will find in each family. But all make in their own way and taste is also different in each community. This is the most simple snack only you need is good knife and a frying pan. Click here

Eating Fish During Pregnancy May Lower Anxiety
ANI  | 
Eating one serving of dark or oily fish a week could lower risk of anxiety in pregnant women, a new study suggests.   Findings showed that pregnant women who never or rarely ate dark or oily fish (salmon and tuna, for example) were 53 percent more likely to experience high levels of anxiety in their third trimester compared with women who ate fish at least once a week, the New York Daily News reported.   Vegetarian women were also 25 percent more likely to have anxiety compared with women who had consumed some fish and meat.  

Healthy Food That Gives Filling Of Fullness
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A new study has found that healthy snacks that promote a feeling of fullness (satiety) may reduce the amount of food intake at subsequent meals and limit overall food consumption.   "Appetite control is an area of weight management that is receiving increased attention as the food industry aims to provide consumers with foods that will keep them fuller for longer, reducing inter-meal hunger and overall energy intake," Roberta Re, Ph.D., nutrition research manager at Leatherhead Food Research in Surrey, England said.  

Kids Don't Like Eating Veggies? Offer it With Flavoured Dips
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Follow These Trick to Turn Your Kids into Eating Veggies,   Children are more likely to try vegetables when they are offered with a dip flavoured with spices, a new study has revealed.   The research conducted by Jennifer S. Savage, associate director of the Center for Childhood Obesity Research at Penn State, and his colleagues has found that children were three times more likely to refuse eating a vegetable alone than they were to eat the same vegetable when paired with a reduced-fat flavored dip.  

Red Meat 'Good for Health Immune System'
Red meat consumption is good for cognitive function and the body's immune system, a new research has suggested.   The Seven Ages Of Man study found that anything up to one pound of meat can be consumed every week without leading to a greater risk of health problems, the Daily Express reported.   Researchers showed that the lean red meat is important in every stage of development starting from infancy to old age.  

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