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Exercising 3 Times Per Week During Pregnancy Lowers Risk of High Birth Weight Babies
A new study has found that moderate-intensity exercise three times a week during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy halves the risk of having a high birth weight newborn (babies with macrosomia, that is, weighing over 4 kilos) and, therefore, the risk of needing a caesarean delivery.   These findings come from research led by Ruben Barakat of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Alejandro Lucia of the European University of Madrid, and Jonatan Ruiz of the University of Granada.  

Can Hi-Tech Avatars Promote Real-Life Weight Loss?
Watching an avatar that shows weight-loss behaviour in a virtual community could help some women get rid of the extra pounds in the real world, a new study has suggested.   Melissa Napolitano, PhD, an associate professor of prevention and community health at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS), said that the pilot study showed that people don't have to be a gamer to use virtual reality to learn some important skills for weight loss.  

High Veggie Diet And Exercise Can Help Ease Asthma Symptoms
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The best way to control the symptoms of asthma is by exercising on a regular basis and consuming plenty of fresh vegetables, says a new survey.   The study, which was carried out by the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, has for the very first time, provided the option of a healthy lifestyle and not a drug treatment, the Japan Times reported.   A doctor, Motoyasu Iikura, from the center's respiratory medicine department in Tokyo said that the patients with asthma need to seek a particularly healthy lifestyle.  

Right Diet And Exercise May Help Reduce Aggressive Tumours Risk In Prostate Cancer Patients
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Men with prostate cancer can take control of their disease and moderate its aggressiveness through diet and lifestyle choices, a study has suggested.   Researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC) have published the first study on adherence to eight World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) lifestyle recommendations and aggressive prostate cancer that shows a significantly decreased risk of highly aggressive prostate cancer associated with closer adherence to the recommendations.  

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