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Know About the Complete Range of Equipment Available In the Market for Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one great treatment required for people who can lead a normal life after some ailment or injury. This treatment can be beneficial with problems of arthritis, muscular injury, workplace injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and lymphedema. Doctors also recommend physiotherapy after stroke, post-surgery, mental health etc. however, without proper equipment it is very difficult to conduct the physiotherapy sessions.


  • There are clinics where physiotherapists provide different treatment for different problem in the body. They along with therapy activities use physiotherapy equipment to help the patients.


  • There is various equipment available in the market for the purpose of imparting therapy and helping the patients do the daily tasks without much effort and avoiding pain.


  • If you want to start your own physiotherapy business, then also you can arrange for a good stock of equipment that will make your business thrive more.


Objective and benefits of equipment for physiotherapy


The primary objective of any physiotherapy equipment is to provide better therapy to the patients. Some of the equipment is designed to help the patients perform the routine activities easily without any kind of pain or discomfort, by ensuring balance, coordination and movement.

Benefits of equipment:


  • People who are recovering from injuries or illnesses or other medical conditions require getting back their strength. The equipment helps them achieve different motions and become independent. 


  • Patients recovering from strokes and brain trauma need help with coordination and balance. Thus they need to perform certain coordination exercises. The equipment provides help in doing these exercises easily. 


  • Physiotherapy equipment’s also help in advanced motion techniques, as people need to develop range of movements in the joints and muscles. Equipment helps them improving the motions.


  • The patients require equipment to walk or do their daily activities pain-free like mobility aids.


  • Some people have extreme difficulty in walking and may have low motor skills or spasms.  Equipment helps such patients through gait training to reclaim their normal ambulatory movements.


Some common equipment for physiotherapy


There are various equipment’s used for physiotherapy, some of the commonly used ones are explained below:


  • UBE (Upper Body Egrometer)

The UBE looks similar to any stationary bicycle used for exercise. But the equipment is used mainly for strengthening the upper part of the body, arms and shoulders. Patients with cuff and wrist injuries can get benefits from them.


  • Balance balls

Balance balls and balance ball chairs are used most useful and commonly used equipment for strengthening and healing back, spine, shoulders, legs and arms. The chair is designed ergonomically to prevent any stains to back while exercising and provides alignment to the back as well.


  • Parallel bars and staircase trainers

These are very commonly used equipment for physiotherapy. It helps in providing strength to the body. Mobility and movement of body parts can be possible using this equipment.


  • Mini trampoline

Mini trampoline is used by the patients to do various kinds of therapy exercises. The one great point of this equipment is that, the incline is comfortable and can be adjusted according to the requirement to strengthen the leg muscles after some injuries.


  • Hydro boots

These kinds of equipment are ideal for lower body therapy exercises, especially for patients with leg or ankle injury.  These boots with rubber foam inside are basically used in water or aquatic therapy sessions.


  • Hot and cold therapy equipment

Pain from arthritis and inflammation can be reduced using the equipment of hot and cold therapy. Hot and cold packs are commonly used for post-surgical recoveries and pain. Heating pad can bring relief to pain and cold compressor can reduce the swelling of joints of elbows and knees.


You can get a host of equipment’s from the online portals depending on your needs and the budget.

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