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How to lighten and brighten your lips at home

If you are worried about how to lighten your dark lips, then you are not alone. After all, who does not want to flaunt that perfect pout? Lips often get dark and dull because of many reasons; most important ones being tanning, dryness and aging.  But ladies, you don’t have to take that lying down! Of course you can lighten your dark lips and you don’t even have to go to pricy salons for that. With simple steps at home, you can get back those naturally glowing baby pink lips of yours.

So, here’s how to lighten your dark lips at home.


There are basically three vital steps for brightening dark lips; Scrubbing, treating and moisturising.


Step 1: Scrubbing


Scrubbing removes dead cells from any body part. While most women scrub their face and body quite regularly, more often than not lips are left behind. So, the dead cell build ups create coarse and dark lips. How can you scrub your lips? Here’s the solution.


  • Simply dab your lips with some Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly that you may have handy. Use a generous amount here. Now, take any soft bristled toothbrush and exfoliate your lips ever so gently. The best time to do this is in the morning. Once done take a clean cotton ball and remove the Vaseline, you’ll already feel the change.
  • Another way of scrubbing your lips is to mix some baking soda with honey to create a smooth paste. Apply the paste on your lips and after few minutes (2-3 minutes) rub the paste off your lips with your fingers.
  • If you feel that your lips may require a bit strong hands then this method is perfect for you. Simply take some granulated sugar or brown sugar (whatever you have at hand) and mix it with water or honey. Now apply this paste on your lips and use the sugar to exfoliate your lips. Use a soft hand here and be very gentle, so as not to hurt you lips. Wash off with lukewarm water.


Step 2: Treating


Now that you have scrubbed off all the dead cells from your lips, it is time to mend the damage.


  • One of the most potent skin lightening agents are Lemon juice and lactic acid, found in milk and yogurt. Make a homemade lip mask by mixing yogurt, lemon juice and honey; apply it on your lips right after exfoliation. While lemon juice and yogurt will work on lightening the skin colour, honey will moisturise the lips. Keep it on for at least an hour and then remove gently with lukewarm water to reveal visibly bright lips.
  • Another treatment that can be very helpful in lightening your lips is the rose petal and honey treatment. Take 7-8 clean organic rose petal (make sure there’s no harmful chemicals on them) and crush them in a mortar, now add only enough honey to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your lips and let it stay overnight.  You may make this paste in large quantity and refrigerate for future use. Wash your lips with lukewarm water in morning and see how pink they look.


Step 3: Moisturising


Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips have no oil glands and thus cannot restore lost moisture naturally. Thus, it is extremely important to protect and hydrate your lips on regular intervals.


  • Once you have cleaned up your lips properly, use a good lip balm to keep them hydrated. Look for a lip balm that has ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera or cocoa butter.
  • While going out put on a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from harmful UV rays.


Now that you know how to lighten your dark lips, follow this simple lip care regime for some days and see how your lips brighten up.

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