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Power Yoga – The Origin, Philosophy and reason behind its popularity.

The benefits of yoga are almost known to all. Yoga plays a key role in losing weight, shedding extra pounds, boosting energy and building flexibility and power. These are some of the several benefits of yoga. However, choosing the right yoga class that suit your physical requirement forms the first step of getting these benefits out of yoga. Power yoga is a relatively newer branch of yoga which can be best described as an exercise style that gives you many opportunities to become fit and reach your potential when it comes to fitness and health. Power yoga is also designed to give you good health and fitness.


The roots of this beautiful exercise form can be traced to ancient India. In India sages used to proactive different forms of yoga. The basic philosophy behind yoga was to help individuals in leading a healthy and long life. At the same time it was designed such that it could provide the perfect balance between body and mind. Several disciplines were later formed via this foundation of yoga. Newer techniques were also designed along with better postures for good health. The basic approach of all the disciplines derived from yoga remained the same – building flexibility and strength.


In today’s world, one can easily trace over a hundred practices derived from yoga. Power yoga is one such hugely popular variant. The classes that form a part of power yoga are designed to focus on specific areas of the body. Some of the main target areas of this particular exercise format are as follows:


  • Core training
  • Strength building
  • Flexibility

These target areas are an extension to the basic principles of traditional yoga. The key concept is to combine traditional yoga with fast paced movements and actions that directly focus on the different needs your body has. Hence, the power yoga classes are defined and decided as per the different needs of your body. Thus, the power yoga classes too differ from person to person.


This is why power yoga accelerates the overall process of health and aids weight loss. It also helps you to achieve the different body related goals you may have.


The main base of these classes is to provide better health to the body and the mind. Some of the modern practitioners have combined power yoga with other formats. For instance, few praccticioners practice power yoga in hot rooms. This is done to speed up the rate of metabolism and to speed up the practice. Whereas on the other hand some practioners combine power yoga with breathing techniques. This has been inspired from prana yoga. Similarly, practioners have developed hybrid practices of power yoga to boost up specific body goals of individuals. These combinations have resulted into more positive benefits of yoga.


Many experts have agreed to the fact that nothing works as best as power yoga when it comes to achieving personal goals. This reason has hugely contributed to the rising popularity of power yoga. So what are you waiting for? Look for a good power yoga teacher and start achieving your personal goal today.

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