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Features and important symptoms to recognize Central auditory processing disorder problem

Central auditory processing disorder is the problem found in school aged children that results in the hearing problem. With such kids there will be the problem of ears and brain coordination, thus leading to difficulty in the interpretation of sound.

  • How to cure such problem? APD can be cured by opting for right therapy.  It is very important to diagnose the problem at the initial stage itself. If right therapy is not adopted at right time then in future your kid can face language problems while learning in school.
  • Kids with central auditory processing disorder find it difficult to locate from where the sound is coming. This disorder has its root within central nervous system from where the information generally gets processed.
  • Kids facing such problem can get through the sound one at a time. With this problem patient can find it difficult to recognize difference between sounds in words. Even if the sound is loud and clear they cannot recognize it, especially if there is background noise then it can become difficult to understand the speech. In noisy places like playground, cafeteria, parties’ etc kids with CAPD can find it difficult to recognize the words.

What are the seven symptoms associated with central auditory processing disorder?


If your child is facing problem related to processing sound then he or she may showcase symptoms like:

  • First symptom - Child may not bother loud music or sudden noise. In other words such children do not easily get distracted from sounds.
  • Second symptom – Does your child get upset in noisy environment? If yes then it may be due to APD problem.
  • Third symptom – Same child that faces problem in noisy environment may not face similar problem while being at quiet place.
  • Fourth symptom – Certain children affected with APD may find it difficult to follow the directions.
  • Fifth symptom – Are you able to notice any kind of speech language difficulties? If yes, then there may be high chances of child facing CAPD problem.
  • Sixth symptom – Test your kids by asking them certain verbal mathematics problem. If they find it difficult to pass your test then definitely there is some hearing problem that they are facing.
  • Seventh symptom – Is your child facing difficulty while following any kind of conversations? If yes is that you answered then get in touch with your doctor.

Different from depression problem:

People misunderstand CAPD with depression problem or problem related to learning disabilities because symptoms of these problems are same like mentioned above. 


Causes of CAPD can be:

  • Head trauma
  • Chronic ear infection
  • Lead poisoning, etc

In such situation it can become important for you to get in touch with audiologist. Examine your child by getting in touch with such hearing specialist. Any problems related to auditory processing disorder can be recognized by such doctors. Such problems can affect writing, reading as well as spelling skills.


It has been seen that auditory system of the child is not developed many times till the age of 15. APD patient skills may get developed when auditory system matures. APD tests are generally done when the child is around 10 years old. Good communication skills with central auditory processing disorder patient can be developed through speech language therapy as well as through assistive listening devices.


Till the problem is not solved you need to help your child. Child with central auditory processing disorder needs your help and you can help by reducing background noise. In front of child you need to make use of expressive as well as simple sentences. It is also important on your part to speak at slower rate. Maintain peaceful lifestyle for your child in such scenario.

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