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The 10 Fastest-Growing Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Thinking about getting cosmetic surgery? You wouldn’t be the first to do so. Millions of procedures are performed annually.


But some procedures have stood out in recent years due to their high growth rates. The following are the 10 fastest-growing cosmetic surgery procedures since 2000 according to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).


1. Upper Arm Lift


Upper arm lifts have grown by leaps and bounds recently. Since 2000, there has been a 4,565 percent increase in this procedure. Yes, that’s a comma, not a decimal—more than four and a half thousand. After just 338 were performed in 2000, nearly 15,800 were performed in 2013, according to the most recent data available.


2. Lower Body Lift


Lower body lifts have also experienced a mind-blowing growth rate in recent years. This procedure has grown by 3,417 percent since the turn of the century. About 7,300 lower body lifts were completed in 2013.


3. Buttock Lift


As you’re probably starting to notice, targeted lifts are quite popular these days. Buttock lifts have surged 80 percent with more than 2,400 procedures performed in the most recent year.  


4. Tummy Tuck


Tummy tucks have jumped 79 percent since 2000. Nearly 112,000 procedures were performed in 2013.  


5. Breast Lift


Like the other procedures mentioned thus far, breast lifts are growing rapidly. Breast lifts have increased to the tune of 70 percent in recent years. Approximately 90,000 were performed in 2013.


6. Thigh Lift


While they’re not nearly as common as some other cosmetic surgical procedures, thigh lifts have experienced a healthy growth rate this century, climbing 64 percent. Around 8,700 were performed in the most recent year available.


7. Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentations are very popular and increasing rapidly. More than 290,000 were performed in 2013, marking a 37 percent increase from 2000.


8. Lip Augmentation


Over 25,000 lip augmentations were performed in 2013, representing a 35 percent increase from the turn of the century.


9. Cheek Implant


Cheek implants have increased 15 percent since 2000. Around 12,000 cheek implants were performed in 2013.


10. Breast Reduction (Male)


Male breast reduction rounds out the 10 fastest-growing procedures. Nearly 23,000 breast reductions were performed on men in 2013, a 13 percent increase from 2000.




Lifts are all the rage these days with the three fastest-growing cosmetic surgical procedures being upper arm, lower body and buttock lifts. Breast and thigh lifts are also among the top 10. Tummy tucks, breast and lip augmentations, cheek implants and breast reductions also made the list, each with a double-digit growth rate.

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